Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Getting Ready for the SNOW!!!!!

Cooper and Mollie Kate are getting ready for the big SNOW!! Mollie Kate has just discovered the world of pockets so she goes everywhere with her hands in her pockets! Precious:) Also, I told myself I would NEVER let a baby have their passie (or how Mollie Kate says it, her "pappie")past 1. Well never say never, she is my last and I know she won't go to kindergarten with her pappie in her mouth (at least I hope not)! AND it is kinda nice to not hear such HIGH PITCH SCREAMING most of the day. Now I keep a pappie in almost everyone of my pockets and there are days that I cannot find that pappie quick enough to jab in her mouth to keep her quiet!


  1. This is the greatest...I am going to tell everyone how to get to your website...they will LOVE following your family! This is so awesome and I LOVE the pictures! :)

  2. Love your Blog. Great pictures, great stories and great fun. I'm so glad you 're doing this.