Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Worst Night EVER!!!!!!

Valentines Night for the Whites was probably one of the WORST nights EVER!!! It all started about 10pm when I asked David to get Belle, our cute puppy, out from under the couch to put her in her kennel. David was like, she's not here!!! So he looked all over the house in her usual hiding places to get her. Still no Belle. Ok, we didn't want to get too upset but my heart was starting to panic!!
We went outside in the back and front yard calling her name. Came back inside and our calling became louder and louder by the second. Belle, Belle!!! We went in all our kids bedrooms to check under the beds and in the rooms to see if Belle was hiding out. We sure didn't want to have all this craziness happen and then only to realize, it was in one of our kids beds - How Crazy!!!

You see, David and I are not the biggest dog lovers. It was a stretch getting this dog for our kids for Christmas. We felt like we needed to go ahead and get the kids a dog because they have practically been mad at us for the past 3 years. We got the boys a Lab about 3 Christmas' ago and within the month, we gave her away!! Literally, I had 4 boys 5 and under and I had just found out I was pregnant. Having that crazy, psycho dog in our home, literally made me become a different person!! I was SATAN!!! So, off Remi went!! So literally for the past 3 years, every time we saw an old picture of our dog or a lab on TV, etc. our boys would start to cry! SWEET - we are the Worst parents EVER!! Oh well, we were fine with that title:)

Ok, so now to Valentines night and all of a sudden cannot find the dog that the boys are IN LOVE WITH and their cherished Christmas present. Tears started rolling down my face, literally Belle was NO WHERE in SIGHT!! What were we going to do. We were desperate! I was in the front yard looking when all of a sudden, I hear David whistling and talking. I go to the backyard, and he is whistling at our neighbors behind us!! Oh my crazy. He saw them cleaning up in the kitchen at 10:30 and is whistling sooo loud. They come to the back door (thinking this may be the first interaction with them - ugh, that is so bad) and David asks them if Belle is in their back yard and told them we had lost our dog. Next thing we know, our neighbor is in his car looking for our dog at 10:45, we have got to have them over for dinner!!

It's now 11:00 and my face is about to BLOW UP because I have been crying so much and am so sad that Belle is lost (because David and I really do Love her and sad because my boys are going to be devastated). Next thing I know David is coming in the house like a man on a mission. While he was out calling for Belle a few streets over, David heard a voice. This voice said "Belles in the woods"! OMG, David said it was one of the scariest things ever. David said, do you have our dog? Silence for about 5 minutes. Then all of a sudden "In the Woods, Belles in the Woods". David is with Kris Saint in her car at this point, another friend who
we love so much. She was also helping us look for our dog:) I told Kris to NOT let David out of her car! Meanwhile, this is SCARY and it is literally in our nice neighborhood. So now, our minds had gone way off the deep end, thinking our dog was dead and that this psycho had killed her. Anyway, it is now 12:30 and David is still somewhat interacting with this crazy person. In the meantime, still no sign of Belle. When David got home and told me everything, I said I'm calling the police. So I did! David met the police, no sign of dog or psycho man.

Well, it is 1am and still no sign of Belle. We decided to do another check in our kids rooms just to make sure before we called it a night. We even woke Zac and John David up to tell them we loved them but no trace of Belle. I had already told David we were going to have to go get another dog and what our strategy was the next day on how we were going to tell the boys.
My face was so swollen from all the tears and now I'm scared to go to sleep because of psycho man in the woods just a street over. Ugh!!! We prayed for a miracle that night as tears continued to roll down my face, and then I had the worst nightmares ever that night because of all the psychoness and police and guns, etc... That next morning I could not get out of bed because I had the worst migraine ever!!! I asked David if there had been any sign of Belle this morning and he said no. Not 2 seconds later, David walked in with Belle!!! Oh my goodness, I couldn't believe it!! Belle, where had she been? She was licking me all over my face and I didn't even care and I even let her on my pillow!! I was so excited to see our little fluff ball! David, where did you find her? IN ZACS BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO WAY!! Belle had never slept with our boys because she was potty training and we went in our boys room probably 3 different times and even woke Zac up and no sign of that crazy dog!!! Oh well, that is life at the White House and I'm sure more is to come!

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