Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Boys & Baseball

Baseball is such a crazy season, especially with 4 playing ball this year, but it is also SO MUCH FUN!!! John David, Zac and Cooper play for the Sox Organization. John David played for the AA and Zac and Cooper played on the A this year. John David & Zac were pitchers and they also played short stop - they really had a great season and did great! We played Cooper up so he was the youngest on the team so he played in the outfield. He made some great catches and did great at batting as the youngest player:) The boys have so many fun friends on their teams, it is like a little community of families all hanging out at the park, and really it is so much fun. I am a little tired of eating Nachos, Chicken Sandwiches, Hot Dogs, Sour Skittles & Popcorn but oh well, a little junk is good for the trunk:) This was Walkers first year to play any sport and he did a great job! He was on the Cardinals team. He batted well for his first time ever on pitching machine. It was crazy to spend every night at the ball park but my boys LOVE IT!! I know these years will fly by too quickly so I try real hard not to wish these crazy times away:) I am blessed!!