Tuesday, June 7, 2011

John David as "Daddy Warbucks"

John David decided to try out for Annie this year in 4th grade. It was the first school play our school, Don Roberts, ever had and all the kids (and teachers) did an AMAZING job!! I had no idea John David was going to try out for the play. He just came home one day from school and told me he tried out and that he was Daddy Warbucks!! WHAT?? That is great! I was so proud of him, but wait - baseball?? John David, you might have a baseball game that night. How are we going to do play practices and baseball games & practices for 4 boys. We did it and John David memorized all his lines all on his own and we didn't have a baseball game on the night of the performance!! He did such a great job and I am so proud that he just wants to be involved in every kind of activity, weather in sports or in the arts:)

At the end of the play, with all the cast singing, "Your never fully dressed without a SMILE!" Look at my cute little boys smile. So proud of him:)

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  1. I love Annie! :) I am from the blog hop and I have 4 boys also, but no girls. Come visit us at www.youngmightymenofgod.blogspot.com