Monday, February 21, 2011

My Tender Heated Zachy

Today I am going to talk about my 2nd son, Zac. He is so special in so many ways! The reason I chose to talk about him first out of all my children is that with Zac, you NEVER know what you're gonna get!! He surprises all of us all the time by his words, actions, and emotions.

This weekend sought all of those to be true. You see, Zac is talented in so many ways. He loves to play sports, he is smart, he loves to go hunting and use all his knives, he loves to play piano and pretend to play the drums all over the house (LOVE THAT) and has SUCH a tender heart for the Lord and also for those less fortunate than himself. He loves us, his brothers and his baby sister (in the pic at the top, please excuse her hanous smile)! The list could go on and on. Zac is our little energizer and he is so much fun to be around and we laugh at him all the time. On Saturday after Zacs basketball game we came home and the boys played outside all afternoon because it was so pretty. I was inside cleaning the house when Cooper and Zac came in saying they just killed a mouse!!
Ummm, excuse me? I cannot stand anything squishy!! Well, like I said you never know with Zac, next thing I know he is walking in my house with that nasty, smelly and DEAD mouse still with it's head caught in a mouse trap. OH MY GOSH, are you kidding me?? I mean, I grew up in a house full of girls and the thought of even thinking of a mouse made me want to throw up. But now I have a son bringing in a dead mouse caught in a mouse trap. Seriously, do boys even think? Oh my and I have 4 of them!!! (please if you are ever short on prayer request, maybe just say a short prayer for me):)
"Get that hanous thing outside and wash your hands with like clorox", I said. Well, next thing I see is Zac outside disecting the mouse with one of his favorite knives!! WOW- I thought it couldn't get any worse. Anyway, he started telling me what all was coming out of that creature and I just got a trash bag and threw the thing away. I was so grossed out, to say the least. A couple hours later, I was soo mad I didn't take a picture of Zac with his new pet so I could post the pic - oh well.

Another thing I want to mention about Zac is his tender heart for the Lord and for those less fortunate. Zac has always been such a friend to all special needs kids who are his same age. It is so special to watch. We also adopted a little girl from Uganda, Bridgette. We are paying for her clothes and schooling and Zac has her picture still to this day on his desk at school. Zac was mad at David and I when he realized that we really weren't "adopting" Bridgette. David also takes our boys on a special trip when they turn 10 and Zac has already told David that he wants to go to Uganda! Precious, but we have talked him out of that one and now he has opted for something waaay better, to go to Sparkman, Arkansas and go hunting and sleep in a tent (David CANNOT wait):) Anyway, we just got Zac a new Bible and he wants to read it all the time and underline different scriptures. This past Sunday he wanted to go to church with us. So we said , "ok." Anyway, it was a wonderful message on the Tabernacle. At the end of the sermon, our preacher, Mark Henry, was talking about forgiveness and if there is anything that we need to ask forgiveness to God for and if we do, just to write it down on a piece of paper and to come lay it down at the foot of the cross. As the lights dimmed and music played and the cross was being carried down the isle to the front of the church, I leaned over to see Zac literally BAWLING!! Oh my goodness, tears immediately started streaming down my face. He was so touched with what was going on in church. David and I turned to each other and was like "he GETS IT!!" Next thing we knew he was writing down a prayer of forgiveness and he went up to the front of church with us and laid it at the cross. David and I will NEVER forget that moment as long as we live. It was so special. Later, I asked him what he wrote down and he said,
"for God to forgive me when I made fun of my brother the other night for being scared of the dark." So sweet that he thought of that instance and I just love his little heart!! By the way, the brother that he was making fun of was his older brother, ha, but we will just keep that between us chickens:)
I feel so blessed to be Zachary Rees Whites mom and I will always wear it proudly (unless I get a call from the school principal, other parents or better yet, the police). No telling what is headed our way with 4 boys and a Diva, but I can say I wouldn't have it any other way:)


  1. great post! look at Harry in the background of Zacs pic! hahahahahahaha. i can't wait till harrys post comes due...

  2. LOVE THIS AMY!!!I am soooo glad that I WAS THE ONE WHO TOLD YOU TO DO THIS!!!

  3. I like the deer hunting picture. Start them up young in hunting and they will learn so much about life I think..I have that exact stand that I brought my son up on as a young hunter and now my daughters as well.